Our IFA (Issued for Approval) Process marks the critical sixth part of our job, where we compile a comprehensive package for consultant review and approval. The IFA package includes detailed fabrication drawings, marking plans, and a 3D model, presenting a clear and accurate representation of the proposed steel structure.

With utmost attention to detail and precision, we compile the IFA package, ensuring that it meets the consultant’s specifications and requirements. This package serves as a crucial milestone in the project, as it enables the consultant to review, assess, and provide their approval for the proposed steel structure.

The fabrication drawings in the IFA package outline all the necessary dimensions, connections, and other relevant details essential for fabricators to begin the fabrication process. The marking plans provide precise instructions for the positioning and installation of steel components on-site. Additionally, the 3D model offers a comprehensive visual representation of the proposed structure, enhancing clarity and understanding.

We understand the significance of a prompt and accurate approval process. Therefore, we meticulously prepare the IFA package, ensuring that it meets the highest quality standards and provides all the necessary information for the consultant’s review. We strive to deliver a package that facilitates a smooth and efficient approval process, minimizing potential delays and allowing construction to progress seamlessly.

By focusing on the IFA process, we aim to demonstrate our commitment to quality, accuracy, and compliance with project requirements. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive IFA package that not only meets but exceeds the consultant’s expectations, ensuring a strong foundation for the successful execution of your construction project.

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