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When you have a large structural steel project to complete, you need the support of a highly skilled and knowledgeable steel drafting company. From spending a lifetime in the industry, we know that’s getting harder and harder to find. That’s why we started Structune. We specialise in providing steel detailing for large residential, commercial, mining, defence, and industrial projects.

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Structural Steel Detailing

Structural Steel Detailing is a specialized ...

Precast Panel Detailing

Our Precast Panel Detailing service ...

Material Takeoff

Our Material Takeoff service specializes in ...

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Why Choose Us?

Industry Experts

We have the unique experience of having worked on site and in the workshop, gaining the knowledge that comes from being a structural engineer and the experience of steel detailing for over 30 years to provide what you need. We’ve worked on steel detailing for some complicated and large structures in the past, including the Adelaide Sky City (Adelaide Casino), Shepparton Art Museum in VIC, AIR555 and many more.

Detailed & Accurate Drawings

We pride ourselves on providing highly accurate drawings where we complete detailed reviews through each stage of the job following our 65-page checklist. We review the plans and use our experience to suggest changes that can factor in time and cost savings from the fabrication and installation process. We also provide detailed and accurate drawings for assembly that will save you time and money in the fabrication process.

Delivered On Schedule

We’ve set up the business to be a boutique firm that only works closely with a small number of clients. This enables us to manage the workflow and provide your jobs in a reasonable time frame and on schedule. We also have the time to support you and fulfil any requests when you need them so you know you have what you need for your projects.

Our Process


1. Modelling

Our Modelling Process, which serves as the initial stage of our job, is a crucial step in ensuring accurate and precise ...


2. RFI

Our Request for Information (RFI) Process plays a vital role as the second part of our job in ensuring clear and accurate ...


3. Coordination

Our Coordination Process forms the crucial third part of our job, ensuring seamless collaboration and integration among ...


4. Fabrication Drawings

Our Creating Fabrication (Assembly) Drawings Process represents the critical fourth part of our job, where we translate the ...


5. Marking Plans

Our Creating Marking Plans Process, also known as the General Arrangement Plan or Installation Plan, is a critical fifth part ...


6. IFA

Our IFA (Issued for Approval) Process marks the critical sixth part of our job, where we compile a comprehensive package ...


7. Review and Revise

Our Review and Revise Process forms the crucial seventh part of our job, where we carefully analyze and address the ...


8. Processing Data

Our Processing Data Process represents the crucial eighth part of our job, where we meticulously process the revised ...


9. IFC

Our IFC (Issued for Construction) Process marks the critical ninth and final part of our job, where we compile a ...

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