Processing Data

Processing Data

Our Processing Data Process represents the crucial eighth part of our job, where we meticulously process the revised model and drawings to generate comprehensive and accurate data for fabrication and construction. This process involves a series of meticulous checks, creation of various files, and the compilation of detailed reports to ensure precision and efficiency.

After revising the model and drawings based on the consultant’s comments and instructions, we undertake a thorough review using our extensive 65-page checklist. This checklist covers every aspect of the design, including dimensions, connections, material specifications, and adherence to industry standards. We ensure that all aspects are correct and aligned with the project requirements.

Once the review is complete, our detailers proceed to generate the necessary processing data for fabrication and construction. This includes creating single part drawings, NC files, and DXF files for plates, hot rolled, hollow, and cold rolled sections. These files provide the precise instructions for fabricators to accurately produce the steel components.

Additionally, we create fully dimensioned and IFC versions of the fabrication drawings and marking plans. These versions ensure clarity and compatibility, allowing for seamless integration with other project stakeholders and software systems.

As part of our commitment to delivering comprehensive data, we compile detailed reports in Excel format. These reports provide essential information such as material quantities, bill of materials, and other relevant data for procurement and project management purposes.

Our Processing Data Process is characterized by our dedication to accuracy, precision, and adherence to industry standards. By meticulously generating the necessary files and reports, we ensure a streamlined and efficient fabrication and construction process, minimizing errors and delays.

At our company, we understand the importance of delivering high-quality processing data that enables fabricators and construction teams to execute the project seamlessly. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail is reflected in every aspect of our processing data, contributing to the success of your construction project.

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