Our Request for Information (RFI) Process plays a vital role as the second part of our job in ensuring clear and accurate communication throughout the structural steel detailing process. The RFI process serves as a channel for addressing questions, clarifications, and resolving potential issues or discrepancies that may arise during the project.

Our dedicated team actively engages with architects, engineers, and contractors to identify and communicate any uncertainties or areas that require clarification. Through the RFI process, we seek to resolve queries promptly and effectively, ensuring that all project stakeholders are on the same page.

We leverage our expertise and experience to formulate comprehensive RFIs, providing detailed descriptions, precise drawings, and supporting documentation to convey our inquiries accurately. We prioritize clear and concise communication to facilitate quick resolution and minimize potential delays or errors during construction.

By actively engaging in the RFI process, we aim to foster collaboration and enhance project efficiency. Our commitment to responsive communication ensures that potential issues are addressed proactively, reducing rework and ensuring the smooth progression of your structural steel detailing project.

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